Healthy Kids While Homeschooling [5 Ways]

While homeschooling your kids, keeping them active and healthy can be a challenge. There are many different ways that activities can be combined though so that they incorporate the lessons for homeschooling, and methods to keep children active and healthy. A lot of the time these will overlap because keeping active has an impact on people’s mental health. So, the more active they are, the more likely you are to have healthy kids.

1. Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is a great way for you to keep your kids healthy while homeschooling as it allows them to learn and grow their own food. Even if your indoor gardening isn’t food that will be eaten, but flowers, your child will still be getting involved physically. This will be done by setting up the area, planting the seeds, and watering the plant pots.

Gardening can be linked to their studies as well, for example, biology lessons in terms of photosynthesis and life cycles. If you are choosing to do indoor gardening, it is advisable to look into the kind of equipment you might need; for example, you may want to use LED grow lights so that you can maintain the correct environment for what you are growing.

2. Cooking

Another way in which you can keep kids healthy while homeschooling is to get them involved in what you are doing in the kitchen. By helping in the kitchen, your children will be learning maths, because of the measurements for different ingredients, and helpful life skills. This encourages them to think about what they are eating and how that can affect their health; it is a great way to explain the jobs of the different food groups and what the body uses them for. Kids will love helping out, especially when they can see and eat the results of their hard work.

healthy kids staying active

3. Go Outside

There are so many different activities that you can do outside, some as simple as going for a walk around the neighborhood. By going outside, you are encouraging your children to be active instead of sitting around all day, while also improving their mental health. It has been proven that being outdoors for a little while during the day and feeling the sun on your skin improves your mood and releases serotonin into the system. While outside the kids can also release some built-up energy by running, cycling, or playing on playground equipment.

4. Regular Physical Activities

One way to keep your kids active is to have them participate in regular physical activities throughout the school day. There are so many possibilities when you stop and think about what you can incorporate into their learning. You could have children begin the day with an activity such as yoga or break up the lessons so that they are doing simple exercises in between them, both of which will help their focus and make them feel better. If you are unsure on how to lead these physical activities, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that will encourage your kids to follow along and keep them engaged.

5. Obstacle Course

If you are looking for a new and fun experience that you can set up to encourage your kids to be active and healthy, an obstacle course is an ideal solution. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or require you to have a lot of equipment to use, you can have a few stations set up with different activities for the kids to complete before they can move on or make your own obstacles with objects that are lying around the house. Having an obstacle course set up will be something fun and different for your children which will make the idea of being active more appealing.

5 Tips To Keep Children Active

Healthy Kids – Final Word

There are many more ways that you can use to have active and healthy kids while homeschooling, but above are five which will definitely have a lasting impact on your kids’ lives. Whether you are looking for ways to incorporate what they are learning or have learned, as can be done by gardening indoors or cooking with them or are looking for ways to get your kids to do regular physical activities, there is a way to achieve this.

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