How Students Can Learn Salary Negotiation Skills

Getting into the workforce is perhaps the most exciting prospect for students fresh out of college. You will probably be obsessed with the vision of a dream job with a fat paycheck throughout your degree years. But you may get a rude shock on receiving your first offer. The worst part is that you may settle for a lowball one only because it seems to be the best. However, learning negotiation skills early gives you a head start with your first job, as you can use them to negotiate the best offer. Here are some handy tips for students to learn salary negotiation skills.

Avoid taking the first offer

Although it is tempting to cave in for the first offer, it is the last thing you should do. Employers try to get fresh candidates on the cheap because they are new in the landscape. But you must know your worth, even as a budding professional. Assess your skills and capabilities, and trust them enough to demand what you deserve. You can skip the opportunity if the potential employer does not budge from a lowball offer. 

Do not give the first number

Your recruiter may insist on getting an expected salary figure from you, but do not fall for the bait. As a newbie, you may not be in the best place to assess your value in the job landscape. The best option is to pass the point and request them to quote an offer. You may also buy time to dig deep into the salaries in similar job roles, locations, and experience. But avoid giving a number before the employer offers something. 

salary negotiation

Understand that an offer is more than a salary

Learning negotiation skills as a student is also about understanding that a job offer is more than only the salary. Every employer gives some benefits such as signing bonuses, moving expenses, vacation days, and health insurance coverage policies. Learn about them by researching online while still in college. You can seek salary negotiation service for a better deal because experts can give you a clear picture of the offer by considering its overall value. Expert advice makes you more confident about sealing the deal as a beginner. 

Postpone negotiations until the final stage

You may be enthusiastic about your first job after college but commit to practicing restraint. Self-control is a crucial job negotiation skill as it keeps you from going too fast. Negotiating a salary before reaching the final stages makes you sound unprofessional, so you should never do it. Moreover, it gives an impression of eagerness. The recruiter will probably try to convince you with less if they notice the attitude. Wait until you are absolutely sure about getting the job and receive the first offer. It is the right time to give a counteroffer. 

Learning negotiation skills can make all the difference to your first salary after college. But you should never consider the education to be complete. Ramp up the skill as you go and change jobs down the line. As a rule of thumb, you must never settle for less!

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