Investor Visa – How To Stay Back After Completing Education In Italy

Italy is a great country to immigrate to because it has a vibrant culture and friendly people. Not surprisingly, countless international students wish to stay back even after getting their degrees. The good thing is that they have the option of a post-study work visa that converts into a residence permit and citizenship eventually. But you may want to explore entrepreneurship after graduation rather than pick a salaried job. Thankfully, you can still stay with the help of an investor visa. You can visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more to gather more facts about this easy route. Let us explain how an Italian investor visa can help you fulfill the long-term dream of settling in Italy after completing your education here.

Invest in a viable option

While an investment visa is basically for the wealthy, it is not out of reach for affluent students. You have different alternatives to invest in the country, and one of these may easily fit into your wallet. A starting investment of  €250,000 with an innovative startup can get you in, though you can go higher with €500,000 for an established company. You may donate €1 million to a public welfare project or buy Italian government bonds worth €2 million. These diverse options give you the flexibility to invest according to your preference and financial capacity.

Investor Visa

Bring funds only after completing the process

The process for an investor visa is quick and easy, and you need not struggle much to get it after the expiration of your student visa. Even as you buy Italian residence with this route, your money is secure. You have to bring the funds only after getting your investor visa and residence permit. All you need to provide is evidence of valid funds to get your nulla osta (certificate of no impediment). After showing the bank proof, you get the nulla osta and apply for the investor visa. The journey is smooth, and you need not worry about the security of your funds.

Stay back for the long haul

Another reason international students prefer the investor visa route is that it guarantees the fulfillment of long-term dreams. Consider it the first step towards your second passport, provided you are ready to hold your funds in the country for the long run. Your investor visa converts into a two-year residence permit right away. You can get an extension for three years and become eligible for permanent residence after completing five years in Italy. A ten-year stay here enables you to qualify for citizenship by naturalization. Meanwhile, you can live and work in Italy, bring your family along, and establish a business here.

International students have valid reasons to start a life in Italy after completing their education. You need not rely on a work permit to do it if you wish to set up a business. You can apply for an investor visa and embark on your dream journey as an Italian resident. You will be a citizen in a decade and own one of the most powerful passports in the world.

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