How To Balance Looking After Your Children And Returning To Work

Juggling your work life and 24-hour parent duty is the biggest challenge for any working parent. Things have become even more complicated since the beginning of the pandemic, with parents working from home, schools closing periodically, and child care options being limited.

You get adequate time to take care of your little ones when you are on maternity leave, but what after that? Whether going back to work after maternity leave, or returning to the office after working from home during the pandemic, how do you plan on resuming work when you have a child to look after?

The good news is you are not alone. Many parents have experienced the frustration of juggling their responsibilities as parents and work life. In this post, we’ll share some easy tips for returning to work while taking care of your children. Let’s take a look!

Divide Your Responsibilities

Child care is not the only responsibility of working parents. You have to take care of the household, stock up on the groceries, mow your lawn, and perform other necessary chores. The best way to handle this is by dividing your duties. This is only possible when you and your partner have different work shifts. If you both work at the same time, you will need to hire a nanny or find child care options.

For parents who don’t want to rely on child care, the best thing you can do is look for new job opportunities or ask your current employer to change your shift. If the one partner is working at night, the other can get a daytime job. This is the easiest way to ensure that your child is in safe hands when you are not home.

Get Childcare When Returning To Work

Let’s be honest – you can’t take care of a child when you have a 9-5 job. Leaving them home alone is not an option. Childcare services are undoubtedly the best way to balance your responsibilities as a parent and an employee. There is no reason to feel guilty about leaving your child at daycare, so long as you have chosen the best child minders.

Like other professionals, a childcare professional knows their job and duties very well. If you use a professional service like Koru Kids you can be confident your child is in safe hands with a trained and experienced expert.

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Hire a Backup Babysitter

Parenting is a full-time job. You can’t go to work if the nanny doesn’t show up or the daycare center is closed for the day. Therefore, it’s important to have a backup babysitter in place for emergencies. However, this doesn’t mean you need to hire a professional babysitter.

You could ask a family member or a friend to babysit when the nanny cancels or the daycare is closed. You could also have an arrangment with parents in your neighborhood to babysit for you and repay the favour when needed. The most important thing is to have a backup plan ready to go!

Make Necessary Work Arrangements

You can’t resume your work normally once you become a parent. Hiring a nanny will help you go back to work, but what about your child’s health checkups? What if they get sick? It’s important to have an understanding employer. For example, ask your employer if they allow parents to work from home if their child needs special care.

If possible, try to switch to a job that allows you to work on a flexible schedule. Most companies allow sick day leave, flexible shifts, and other flexible arrangements for parents. It’s best to discuss these details with your employer before your maternity leave starts. You will have plenty of time to look for another job if the existing one doesn’t work out.

Spend More Time with your Munchkin

It can be hard to balance work and parenting. Do not let child work schedule make you feel guilty for not spending enough time with your baby. If you are free on weekends, spend as much time with your kid as possible. And even when you are working, you can always video-call the nanny to see how your child is doing.

Before you leave for work, change their diapers, feed them, and play with them. Don’t waste your time going grocery shopping or cleaning your house. Shopping can be done online. For cleaning, you can hire a house cleaning service or a full-time maid to do your regular chores. This will give you plenty of time to spend quality time with your little one.

Above all else, don’t forget about self-care. Managing both work and parenting responsibilities will be easier if you make a to-do list and say focused. Meditate daily, exercise, and take care of yourself while you juggle work and parenting duties.

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