Thursday, February 2, 2023
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What Can The Level 6 Trinity Certificate Do For You?

Teacher development comes in many forms, with schools organising CPD workshops, teachers doing action research and teacher training centres offering formal qualifications such as the Diplomas in TESOL offered by Trinity College and Cambridge University ESOL. However, until now there has not been a globally-accessible qualification for teachers ready to develop what they...

Assessment In A Differentiated Makerspace

students in makerspaces
Tenzin is building a theremin by coding a microcontroller to work with a motion sensor and speaker. Roger is using the laser cutter to create pieces that he’ll assemble into a weight bearing dome structure. Cody and Justin are in the shop, cutting wood for a trebuchet. Eric is writing a code that can look at a...

Students With Disabilities Are Unhappy With Their College Education

students with disabilities
Only 32% of students with ADHD feel their college offers ‘good’ accommodations According to research released today, two thirds (62%) of college students with learning disabilities or mental health issues are unhappy with the education they are currently receiving. Learning technology experts Glean carried out the research to find out...

Early Learning: How To Teach Kids At A Young Age

early learning
The brains of children are highly curious and active. While all children possess unique traits that set them apart, all children have an innate ability and drive to learn. Here are some reliable and psychologically supported activities that you can use to help kids flourish at a young age. 1. Allow them...

7 Ways To Manage Childhood Trauma

overcoming childhood trauma
If childhood trauma is left unresolved it can rear its ugly head in adulthood. However, many parents and teachers operate under the misconception that if a child doesn’t seem to be bothered by an event, they have not really been traumatized by it. Children do not have the emotional maturity or the verbal capacity...
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