7 Career-Boosting Resolutions For The New Year

While it’s not mandatory, it doesn’t hurt to make new changes to welcome the new year. After all, most of these changes could set your life on a better path, even career-wise. For those who had a tough last year, sticking to your new year’s resolutions may seem easier said than done. But as long as you know where to start, you’re already on your way there.

Here are some resolutions you can make to boost your career for the new year:

1. Set A Plan

Charging ahead without direction might eventually burn you out and leave you grasping at straws. Despite wanting to improve your career, it’s easy to get lost without knowing how to reach that point. When that happens, you’re more likely to end up someplace you least expected.

Take your time planning what you want to do for your career. Identify any professional development goals you want to achieve within the year; establish each as a stepping stone toward your main goal for the year. Ensure they’re all realistic to make them seem more doable, even if they’re not exactly what you have in mind. 

Don’t forget to be forgiving. Even though you keep persevering, there may be too many obstacles hindering your goal and costing you more resources than expected. Instead, set up some room to adjust your plan to your current situation.

2. Learn New Skills

Since it’s the new year, there’s nothing wrong with leaving your comfort zone. After all, the more time goes by, the better industry trends crop up, among other things. Even though you’re confident with your original skills, there’s always more room to grow.

Technology is ever-changing, and any skill you know that focuses on handling technology can make you a little more appealing to employers. However, those unfamiliar with technology must start learning while it’s still early. That way, you can keep up with the demands of the job market.


3. Update Your Information

With so many plans in mind, you’re bound to make changes that bring your skills to the next level; even training courses or seminars can impact them. Since you keep adding more skills to your arsenal for the new year, they deserve all the attention they can get. Thus, remember to update your paperwork with them, especially your resumé. 

4. Broaden Connections

It’s human nature to create connections wherever you go. Professional settings require you to build relationships with colleagues and employers to ensure the business runs smoothly. However, only limiting yourself to the same regular people might box you in, which might ruin your chances of boosting your career.

Instead of sticking to the same crowd, start branching out with fresh new faces. Get your name out there by joining networking events that include various experts in the same field as you. Volunteer in projects to give yourself some exposure. 

5. Maintain Organization

Starting the year with clutter all over your workspace could easily harm your productivity. Instead of getting overwhelmed by it, consider this an excellent opportunity to manage your work.

Filter your emails or files and delete old, unimportant ones; empty your trash to free up space. Upgrade your to-do list utilizing organizer apps instead of sticky notes. However, you must remain consistent even if you already apply some of these management tips. Practice these every day until they become second nature to you.


6. Request Feedback

Even if you’re doing everything you can to elevate your career, it’s possible to miss a few things. That’s why listening to other people’s feedback is crucial to your growth, especially from your employer. After all, you wouldn’t know how to improve if you had no idea what to work on. Aside from your shortcomings, their evaluation could bring your strengths to light. 

Realizing your strengths or weaknesses is an excellent starting point for growth. On top of that,  people can tell whether or not you’re taking the job seriously by considering your performance. 

7. Prioritize Yourself

As crucial as it is, working without taking a break will only burn you out. Whether you’ve chosen a career you love or feel indifferent about, continuously pushing yourself to work might make you sick of your job.

Learn to consider your needs, from choosing a career that makes you happy to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This way, you’ll retain a fresh outlook in elevating your career.

New Year, New You

The start of the year is the best opportunity to turn things around. After all, many aspects of life take time to change, especially for your career. The new year is an excellent chance to welcome a better version of yourself, and learning how to boost your career kicks 2023 off on the right foot.

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Gabriella is a licensed educational psychologist and a mental wellness advocate. She specializes in conducting psychological, cognitive, educational, social-emotional, and functional behavioral assessments for children K-12. These assessments are used to identify and diagnose educational and mental health issues, such as ADHD, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, and emotional disabilities. She also provides individual and group counseling, crises counseling services, and parent consultation and training. She lives and works in New York.


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