Top 6 Wonderful Advantages Of Learning A Foreign Language


An overview of some of the exciting reasons for you to pick up a new language  

Have you ever been stopped by a foreigner and had no idea what they were asking you? Do you feel flustered? This scenario may or may not have happened to you. But do you ever think that it would be fun if you could converse with them without the boundaries of language differences?

If that thought ever occurs to you, you are in for some amazing benefits. Here, we lay the top 6 positive gains that you can have simply from learning a foreign language.

Improve Brain Performance

Yes, the enticing benefits of learning a new language are in terms of cognitive ability. According to studies, a person who speaks and understands more than one language has enhanced memory, greater problem-solving abilities, and efficient multitasking ability than those who do not.

In addition to that, being bilingual or multilingual helps to prevent mental aging and cognitive decline as we age. This is because, when learning a new language, our brain is being fully pushed and utilized to get the grasp of a whole new speech system that differs greatly from our mother tongue. Hence, we subconsciously have been sharpening our minds and keeping them healthy while acquiring a new language.

Increase Job Opportunities Choices

As we live in a globalized world where the demands for bilingual or multilingual speakers are on the rise, this is the chance to get yourself the highlight it deserves. This is because many companies, either startups or long-standing businesses, are trying to spread their influence in different countries.

However, they would not be able to do so without hiring an employee who can understand their targeted places’ language. As such, by having the knack for the said language, you have already established the first step that can set you and the other job seekers apart.

Moreover, it is not a confidential matter that being well-versed in another language increases employment opportunities. Hence, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself this opportunity and learn another language so that you can be thankful for your current choice in the future.

Advantages Of Learning A Foreign Language

Become a Prejudice-Free Person

Have you ever wondered why there is a huge difference between your culture and other people’s culture when watching a movie from other countries? Well, you may have the answer if you try learning about their language.

When we learn about a certain language, we also pick up the values and beliefs they hold. This is because studies have proven that language is often connected to the culture itself. Hence, by learning a new language, a person will be exposed to their culture and can understand why certain societies act the way they are.

As a result, we can broaden our worldview and become more tolerant and accepting of each culture’s differences. Also, we can see different views that contrast our perspectives and knowledge. Moreover, we can also adapt the positive values of the targeted language and culture that we have learned and apply them to ourselves to become an overall better person.

Create a New Friendship 

If we limit ourselves from wanting to adopt a new language, we are also limiting ourselves from making memorable connections with others. By learning a new language, we are open to having conversations with people from various cultures that do not speak our language.

Instead of waiting for them to learn your language, you can make the first move by approaching and getting to know them. By doing so, you will be able to meet various people and listen to many amazing stories in your lifetime. In addition, you can also thoroughly express your thoughts and connect with them without the trouble of language barriers.

Plus, you might even meet the love of your life. Therefore, it is undeniable that learning a new language can increase your social network and relationship with people from different backgrounds. Moreover, as the internet has become accessible all over the world, you can even connect with people through online platforms. So, just take out your laptop or phone and you are good to go!

Easier to Travel

Visiting another country can be a meaningful experience as you see firsthand the culture of the country you visited. However, the joy will be doubled if you are fluent or knowledgeable in speaking their mother tongue.

This is because you would not need to rely on any translation app to talk to the locals, and you can freely converse with them smoothly. Moreover, locals have the best info about where to shop and eat. Hence, you will be guided to the hidden gem that only locals know of.

That is the privilege that comes from being acquainted with them. Therefore, not only will you be able to spend your travel experience with the best of memories, but you can also make valuable connections with the local people.

Grow Your Self-esteem

Believe it or not, one of the benefits of learning a foreign language helps to increase your self-confidence. This is because, in the process of acquiring a new language, we find ourselves stumbling and struggling with mistakes, especially when conversing.

However, we have no choice but to keep going and put ourselves out there. In other words, we are pushed outside of our comfort zone. Though it may sound intimidating, everything will be worth it as you will find yourself to be much more fluent than you were before.

It is a satisfying outcome of your hard work. Moreover, the indescribable happiness you will gain from speaking and communicating with a native in their language is a fulfilling accomplishment. Not to mention, being bilingual or multilingual is a plus point to your charm.

Advantages Of Learning A Foreign Language: Conclusion

These are some of the positive outcomes you can gain from learning a foreign language. As such, do yourself a favor and start now. It is never too late to learn a new language for your self-improvement.  Moreover, being patient and consistent is the key to mastering another language. Hence, never give up and keep on striving for improvement.

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Gary is a TEFL certified English language instructor and teacher trainer. He has a strong academic background and a rich experience in teaching students of diverse cultures. He likes helping learners to overcome their English learning barriers. His strengths are in creating a positive learning environment, applying learners centered strategies, and having a passion for teaching. He teaches in a state school in Orlando.


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