Cracking NEET In 60 Days


NEET is an exam that provides admission to students in the medical colleges of the country. After the board exams are over the students are advised to go ahead with their exam preparation with full commitment. Appearing for a neet scholarship test is also possible at this point of time.

Yes, the board exams have a role to play for your admission and further development of your career, NEET is an entry level exam to the various medical institutes in the country. Platforms like Infinity Learn guide the students on the ins and outs of the exam where they are able to pass it with flying colours. Before you start preparing for the exam, there are a few pointers that you need to be aware of.

How to prepare for NEET

  • Be aware about the exam details properly. The moment you start with your examination phase it is necessary to understand every details of it, like exam pattern, eligibility etc. The website is going to provide you comprehensive information about these.
  • Refer to authentic books. It does not make sense to be preparing from a lot of unreliable books. The pattern of the exams is based on NCERT curriculum. Make sure that you keep NCERT books as the primary source of reference, and do not use any other book apart from value addition purposes.
  • A list of topics is to be prepared. Since the syllabus of NCERT is large, just by looking at it you may be lost. There is no need to panic as you have to prepare a list of topics in each area to study. Once the goals are clear it does help in an effective formulation of your plan.
  • Be data-centric. By now, you are aware on what to study and have the materials ready. It is quite possible that you may have gone on to develop a conducive exam setting and realize that the study materials are not proper, you may end up wasting a lot of time. So it is better that you gather all the study materials at a single place and go ahead with the preparation.
  • A timetable is necessary. When all the essentials are ready to go ahead with NEET exam to put those plans into action, there is a need for a definite timetable. No timetable would suffice unless you have the willpower to work on your ambition. The pattern of the exam is such that it requires long hours of dedicated study. So make sure that you develop a habit of studying for 3 to 4 hours a day and then continue like this.
  • Understand your strengths along with weaknesses. It would be really difficult to gauge the pattern of the exams since it was introduced a few years back, chances cannot be taken in leaving out a portion. This same strategy should not be implemented when you are sitting for neet scholarship exams. Begin with your weak areas and try to master them. Do revise the areas that you are strong in the last few days of your exam. Ensure that you follow your schedule in a dedicated manner that would avoid any confusions at the last minute.
  • Practice makes perfect. Though there is no effective strategy when it comes to clearing NEET exams, you need to practise mock tests available online. A lot of time is devoted – which is around 3 hours – to clear the NEET exams. Hence make sure that you acquaint yourself with the pattern of the exam so that there are no last minute surprises in store. Working on the previous year’s question paper would also help the students to clear the exam effectively.
  • Mastering the difficult chapters. The students need to be familiar with all the subjects since they cannot draw boundaries when it comes to studying. You may pick out difficult parts of the chapter and give yourselves 20 minutes of mastering them. Even they are suggested to prepare the chapters via notes.
  • Health is important. You may be spending in a lot of time on studies, so it is better if you are able to give yourself sufficient time to recover. With limited time the exam is already difficult to clear at a single go.

Once the board exams are over, your study marathon is nearly finished. But you need to be aware that you are trying to achieve something that others have been aspiring for a considerable period of time. Merely think of the results and the pain will fade away. You just need to remain positive when it comes to your exam preparations. There are around 60 days for your preparation and it is better that you avoid all distractions as far as possible. It is better that you get into a shell and prepare for the exams accordingly. Infinity Learn can help a student in their preparations in a better way.

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