Free Grammar Checkers That Can Be Used By Teachers And Students


Why is grammar important? 

Grammar is an important part of writing. With the increase in the usage of social media and the internet generally, writing skills have become useful. You can achieve so much nowadays if you are a good writer. You can produce content of your choice, start freelancing, launch a website and do blogging. There are endless options these days. 

However, if you’re not a native English speaker, then writing in English can become a daunting task for you as grammar cannot be learned overnight. Even if your English is good and you have learned the grammar rules, it is still a likely option that you can make small spelling and grammar errors. 

Bad grammar and spelling errors leave a very bad impact on the writer generally. As a student, it becomes more and more important to be careful about grammar as it can affect your grades badly. Therefore, we strongly suggest you use grammar checkers. 

Importance of grammar for students and teachers 

As mentioned above students and teachers need to have good grammar skills. The primary indication of good writing is no grammar mistakes. A good student always keeps in check the grammar rules. 

Also, you cannot afford to have mistakes like “your” and “you’re” in your university paper. These errors are not only confusing but also distract the reader from the main point. A paper filled with grammatical mistakes will never leave a good impact on its readers. 

How can they improve their grammar? 

Students can improve their grammar by continuously practising writing and getting it checked by instructors. There is no shame in practising. Even the professional and native English speakers also need to recheck their work. 

However, if you instantly want to remove the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes from your research work, then several online tools help proofread the document and remove the grammatical errors for you. The tools take seconds to work through and are easy to use. 

Free grammar checkers

Some online free grammar checkers are available. Almost all of them are easy to use and most of them are free of cost. is a free grammar checker tool that can be used by users free of cost. 

  • It looks through the document for all kinds of errors including grammar and spelling. 
  • It also suggests the changes that can be done. 
  • If you have poor grammar rules then editpad grammar checker should be your go-to grammar checker. 
  • Text can be copy-pasted in the window. 
  • After scanning all the documents, it highlights the spelling mistakes and errors. 

Then it suggests the options to resolve these errors. 

Free Grammar Checkers That Can Be Used By Teachers And Students 1

A simple grammar checker tool with a very clean interface is this Gingersoftware. 

  • As you go on the website, there is a window out front that asks you to upload the text of the file that needs to be scanned. 
  • 300 words can be uploaded at once and click the blue button that says “check text” 
  • The resolved version after removing all the grammatical errors will be shown in the window. 
Free Grammar Checkers That Can Be Used By Teachers And Students 2

Prepostseo has been developed to facilitate in a lot of fields. The grammar checker is one of the features and is a really good one. 

  • The file can be uploaded from a computer, drive or the text can be copied and pasted. 
  • After that, you just have to click the final button and the rest of the work is done by the grammar checker tool of Prepostseo. 
  • 1000 words can be uploaded at one time. This offer is for free users. 
  • The premium users have more options and can check the grammar of 25000 words at once. 
Free Grammar Checkers That Can Be Used By Teachers And Students 3

Easybib is another grammar checker that is widely used and highly rated by students, teachers, and writers overall. 

  • If you are writing a university essay, then consider using this grammar checker as it has been developed to indicate the 200 different types of language errors. 
  • You can check the grammar of 5 documents as a free user. The premium version has more options.
Free Grammar Checkers That Can Be Used By Teachers And Students 4

  • Rephrase grammar checker is pretty easy to use. 
  • The website has an interface that is really simple and just on the front. 
  • There is a window that gives the option to upload the file. 
  • After uploading the text click on the “grammar check”. 
  • The result will show all the mistakes that can then be resolved. 
Free Grammar Checkers That Can Be Used By Teachers And Students 5


Grammar is an integral part of writing. The frequent errors whether they are of spelling and grammar can damage the impact of the writing. Therefore, grammar checker tools are commonly used to avoid these mistakes.

As a student, you must consider them every time you write an essay. It can improve the grades as well as writing skills. Free grammar checkers are available online which do not require any sign-in option. A few of them have been mentioned above. 

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