How to Help Your Toddler with School Even If You’re a Working Parent

Taking care of your toddler and doing well in your chosen profession is a common expectation for many parents who are based in Singapore. This, however, doesn’t diminish the fact that managing these two responsibilities is a tough balancing act. While there are childcare leaves that you can use whenever you need to spend quality time with your young children, it can still be a struggle to consistently pay attention to your toddler’s new activities and experiences—which can happen every day at this stage. It’s not out of the ordinary for working parents to feel overwhelmed by their familial and professional duties.

The good news is that when it comes to early childhood, Singapore offers some of the best public and private preschool programs in the world. You can trust the care providers and teachers in your chosen early childhood education facility to serve as your partner in ensuring that your child is able to reach their developmental milestones. Here’s how you can help your toddler with school and make this partnership work for the benefit of your preschooler:

Choose a Facility That Matches Your Goals for Your Child’s Preschool Experience

Not all preschools are made the same. While preschools in Singapore must adhere to the standards of care provided by the agencies that govern their operations, they don’t have a centralized curriculum that they need to follow. The learning experiences provided by preschools, as well as the sequence by which their young learners are introduced to new skills and concepts, can vary greatly. You need to keep this in mind when looking for an appropriate preschool that will care for and teach your toddler.

Before choosing a preschool, take a close look at the program they offer and determine if this matches your child’s needs. If you want your child to have a strong foundation on skills that they will use in their first year in elementary or primary school, for example, then it’s a good idea to shop around for a preschool that meets this specific goal. If you want your child to develop a strong sense of community early on and you’re confident that you can focus on more ‘academic’ topics at home, then there are also preschools that can cater to such needs.

help your toddler with school

Maintain an Open Line of Communication with Your Child’s Preschool Teacher

Your child’s teacher or primary care provider will be monitoring and guiding your child while you’re at work. Talking with your child’s teachers about their progress and challenges for the day will help you choose the lessons that you might want to review with your child once you get home.

If, for example, the teacher relays that your child has difficulty in developing a particular skill, then you can, perhaps, look for games or activities that you can do at home to address this issue. If your child has started potty training at home, you can relay this information to your child’s teacher. The teacher, then, can arrange a toilet routine at the preschool that’s similar to the one that your child is used to doing at home. Maintaining a level of consistency when teaching kids can help them become more confident when exercising their newly acquired skills.

Include Catch Up and Bonding Time with Your Child in Your Daily Schedule

Bonding with your toddler and asking them about their day can be a bit of a challenge when your activities at work are also quite demanding, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Dedicating an hour or so of each day just talking with your child can help you get to know more about them and identify their growing strengths and interests. This will also help develop your child’s communication skills and set a solid foundation for building a good relationship among the members of your family.

If you can’t be there in person, make an effort to communicate with your child using digital devices or ask someone in your family to take over for you for the time being. If you’ll be absent for a bit of time—if you need to attend business matters overseas, for example—it also makes sense to communicate this change with your child’s teacher and introduce the guardian who will be taking over for you while you’re away.

Every parent wants to provide their children with the best possible start in life. For working parents, this means succeeding professionally and setting a solid financial foundation for your family, all while ensuring that your child is receiving the guidance and support they need during their period of rapid growth and development. You’re not alone in this goal. Remember that there are educators and care providers right behind you, as well as high-quality preschool programs that you can look into. Make the most of these resources and have an easier time balancing your responsibilities at home and in the workplace.

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