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Have you heard about images to text converters? Do you want to know more about them? Are you looking for an images to text converter?

You are at the right place, today we will answer all your questions in this comprehensive guide. We are going to inform you about an eminent images to text converter that has revolutionized text extraction from images.

Thanks to, converting images to text has become a piece of cake. This amazing tool can convert printed text, handwritten text, or even blurry text from images to editable text.

We have compiled an ultimate guide about Read along and learn how can you employ this tool to make your life easier.

What is How does it Work?

The is a professionally designed tool that extracts text from images. It has the latest technology for text recognition known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It allows the tool to effectively detect words and sentences in the images and change them into e-text.

When the user uploads the image, the tool uses its OCR technology and accurately converts the images to text. It can also recognize handwritten text and even cursive writing fonts.

What are the Distinguishing Characteristics of

This tool has many characteristics that make it the best on the internet. These characteristics are described below:

1. Updated OCR:

The newest OCR technology used by this tool allows for quick and accurate text extraction from images. It even allows the tool to extract text in handwritten format or from blurry images.

2. Multilingual Tool:

The tool can extract text in various languages i.e. it is a multilingual tool. Other tools don’t have this multilingual extraction feature. It can extract text from all widely used languages of the world including, Chinese, English, Korean, French, Urdu, Turkish, Japanese, Hindi etc.


3. Scalable Text Extraction:

The tool can process images as large as 10 MB. The images can be small or large, it will process any image under or equal to 10 MB.


4. Variable Formats:

This tool accepts images in various formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, etc. No matter which image format your image/s has, the tool will show accuracy in extraction.


5.  Low-Resolution Text:

The tool can extract text from distorted or low-resolution images. Such images are blurry and text recognition is difficult but this extraordinary tool can even extract text from images with precision.

6.  Handwritten Text:

The handwritten text is difficult to recognize because different people have different styles. The OCR technology of this tool is the latest and it can even extract handwritten text from the images and convert it into e-text.


7.  Accuracy:

The accuracy of this tool is also because of professional OCR technology. The software accurately recognizes the characters and words to convert them into e-text.

8.  Quickness:

The tool is very quick and swift in its processing. It can quickly extract text from image/s in any language, any length, and any writing format.

9.  Multiple Images:

The tool can process multiple images at a time. This means the user can upload more than one image and extract text. This saves a lot of time. The limit of image processing at a time is 50 images.

10.  Free of Cost:

This is another characteristic of this tool that it is completely free of cost and you don’t even need to make any account to use it.

How to Use

The is a very useful tool and it is very simple to use. Here are the steps:

1. Take a picture:

The first step is to take pictures of the text you want to convert. Just click the pictures on your phone or you can scan them in case you have a scanner available.

2. Upload:

The second step is to open the text converter and upload your images. You can upload up to 50 images at a time.

How To Use In The Ultimate Guide 1

3. Get Text:

The third step is to click the “Get text” button to get the text in digital format. The processing will take a few seconds. The text will appear in the dialogue box.

image to text online

4. Match the Results:

Match the extracted text with the text in the image to ensure precision.


5. Save the Output:

Once you are sure that the extracted text is accurate, either copy/paste it or download it to your computer.


Just follow these simple steps and extract as many images as you like for free.

Importance of holds great importance due to its application in various fields. The detail is given below:

· It helps physicians and paramedics easily enter patients’ data into hospitals’ databases. Patients’ data may include their stay information in the hospital, test reports, treatment reporIt assists law firms and lawyers in saving clients’ data which is mostly in the form of printed documents. With the help of this tool, lawyers can save important data with errors for later use.

· In hostels and restaurants, it may be used to enter customer’s information, supplies, and orders.

· It aids professors and students in making e-notes, lectures, and assignments. The information they need to retype from printed documents and books can be converted into digital text easily.

· It helps HR managers keep records of employees, resumes, and forms which are also in printed format. The text can be easily re-typed using this tool.

·  It also helps marketing teams in compiling data that is in printed format like surveys, interviews, feedback, etc. This data can be compiled easily by and can be analyzed for creating marketing strategies.

· It assists content writers, journalists, and reporters in converting their handwritten notes, interviews, press releases, etc. which they would need to retype without the help of this tool.

In short, the application of this tool is limitless and the importance is also immeasurable.

It is not false news to claim that is the best text extractor in 2023. It has uncountable advantages, it works fast, it makes retyping easier, it has a simple interface, it provides accuracy, and on top of that it is 100% free of cost.

Give it a try and say goodbye to the hard and boring retyping process. 

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