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Turn your knowledge into a profitable business

If creating an online course has crossed your mind but left you mulling over it, it’s time to close the deal.

Now is the best time to create and sell your own online courses.

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The flourishing online education sector provides an opportunity for educators to get paid for sharing their knowledge. Edupreneur is a considerably new term in educational territory. It precisely means an entrepreneur operating in the education sector, who is successfully operating an educational service.

Here are the top benefits to create and sell online courses:

  • Earn a passive income. An online course has the potential to be sold over and over again with the same content. After the initial effort, you can begin to earn money while on the autopilot. Irrespective of what topic you teach, you would continue to attract students who are potentially interested in your course.
  • Reach a wider audience. You can expand your teaching online business beyond the four walls, breaking geographical barriers.
  • Work from anywhere. Digitisation gives content creators the freedom to choose any place of the world and start teaching online from there. You just need to have a laptop and an internet connection. Just with that, you can build an online education empire from any part of the world.
  • No costs. No material, extra costs or paperwork involved when you are teaching online. Which means you become clutter-free. There would be no costs, no investment, and no risks. 
  • Flexibility of time. You get to choose when you want to work and when you don’t. You can create a different work schedule for a different time and make it as productive as you can. Not just that, you can take your day off as per your convenience.

Teaching online doesn’t require any proof of your credibility. With some experience, passion and consistent effort, you win over your audience. You provide value to your potential learners and make money from what you know!

Introducing LearnWorlds: the most advanced online course builder

LearnWorlds is the best online course platform for creating, selling and promoting your online courses. No coding or design skills are necessary — simply point and click through hundreds of ready-made, fully customizable templates and build your awesome online course.

With LearnWorlds you can easily:

  • Craft learning experiences your students will love.
  • Engage learners with video interactions, note-taking, interactive ebooks, self-assessment, certificates, and much more.
  • Effortlessly convert your videos into exceptional experiences with automatically extracted transcripts, quizzes, and tables of contents.
  • Create pages quickly with the intuitive drag and drop builder. Choose between hundreds of templates and create high-converting landing pages.
  • Create the most versatile course experience. Beautiful themes for your course player and flexibility for free, paid, private, drip-fed or curated course pathways.
  • Magic beauty: write your content once and cycle automatically through dozens of different designs to select the one for the goal at hand.

Build awesome courses

Your content is your greatest asset. Capture attention, increase engagement, improve learning efficiency, guarantee satisfaction while teaching online. LearnWorlds offers a universe of templates and widgets to cover any requirement, an unbelievable pool of designs tailored for course creators.

Delight your students with awesome designs that increase conversions. Enjoy total design freedom with no need for technical skills. Get an amazing e-learning website up and running in minutes.

Grow your audience

LearnWorlds is much more than a course creator. It gives you a complete e-commerce solution with built-in marketing and sales tools for growing your audience and increasing your revenue:

  • Set up SEO-optimized pages with ease. Create pages that are easy for search engines to crawl and understand.
  • Sell memberships, subscriptions and bundles with all types of digital marketing products you will ever need. Subscriptions, course bundles, private courses, free courses, free course sections, it’s all there.
  • Increase your sales with coupons and promotions. Upsell and cross-sell with irresistible offers, high-converting sales pages, and customizable checkout experiences.
  • Build your own sales team with affiliates. Take advantage of LearnWorlds advanced affiliate management. Build partnerships and let others help you generate leads and sales.

A stellar customer support team for you

The dedicated LearnWorlds support team will give you the education, insights, and inspiration to succeed on your business objectives: 

  • Concierge onboarding

Get onboarding assistance for importing your courses, setup and branding, custom design, and training.

  • 24/7 customer support

The LearnWorlds experts are there 24/7 to increase your confidence in the platform, but above all in yourself. 

  • Migration services

Do you have many courses to upload and simply cannot find the time for it? The support team can help you take care of all this.

Create and sell online courses from scratch

Now is the time to start monetizing your skills, experience, and audience!

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