The Skills You Need To Succeed As An Engineer


Engineering is a vast, and fast-growing industry with many specialized areas and fields to work in. This is the field of science and technology which is frequently developing and expanding. It includes various facts and specializations such as electrical, chemical, civil, software, nuclear, mechanical, and many more. Jobs opportunities in engineering are huge with high payments. To grab these opportunities, the aspirants need a degree with relevant skills to impress the recruiters and to perform well in the working environment. Although, have a wide range of job opportunities in the engineering field you will need the skill sets to reach your potential.

Skills are the additional source that enhances your personality and your performance. Learning those skills may help you to create your future by presenting your best in any field of work. As competition is high, only achieving the degree is not enough for any aspirant to go with to uplift their career. Despite the diversity in the work field, skills are always useful for you. To become a successful engineer you need to have some skills like the following.

  1. Creative Thinking – Creativity is one of the important skills for an engineer. Thinking creatively, and having the ability to think and see the situation and generate ideas in a different way should be key focus areas for an engineer. Finding innovative solutions for challenging problems is a desirable skill in every field. Thinking out of the box and generating solutions and ideas are on the demand list. If you feel you are not creative enough then while working and experiencing the skills of others you will improve your skills as much as you can.
  2. Problem Solving – Solving a problem is a key task for an engineer. Engineering another aspect is to solve problems. Their job is to assess the situation and face the challenge and find the right solutions to the problems. Your analytical way of thinking is a needed and essential skill to work in this field. You come across many issues, challenges, and problems you need to create and think of solutions for. You must identify and work on the solutions with your analytical mind and don’t make your problems more complicated for you as this you can learn in the working environment and work experience.
  3. People Skills – This skill may help you to work with a range of people from different backgrounds and cultures. The ability to work with people together is important as many projects cannot be completed without working with other people working on the same project. In the engineering field, you may encounter different people in different jobs or organizations. It would help if you learned to work with other people with different skills, thoughts, and ways of working.
  4. Desire to Learn – Always eager to learn something new is the top skill of an engineer. Never stop learning is the basic skill to have throughout your professional career. Learning something new will help you to grow in your expertise area.  Through this skill, you will be able to understand important topics and work perfectly in that field.
  5. Sustainability – Engineers play a vital role in the sustainable development of society. Engineers are there to handle every challenge and create a solution for it. They help every society in the world with their innovation but their actions should not affect the environment and future generations. This is important as to make present life better. The engineer’s duty is to innovate without harming the environment.
  6.  Prepare for Digital Change – In this digital era, digital technology is advancing day by day. Engineers should prepare themselves to work in a different genre. Learning different digital skills such as AI is becoming necessary as it is needed for the future. Having digital knowledge and skills will lead you to many organizations working in it.
  7. Enterprise – Having enterprise skills will do wonders for engineers to work in any field with different people. An engineer should learn Enterprise skills such as communication, leadership, innovation, teamwork, and resilience. These skills will help you learn how to work with other engineers and in organizations or companies. Let’s discuss these skills in detail:
  • Communication skills – The engineering job is all about a technical individual job with your own laptop or computer, your own desk but the project in which they work needs human discussion and collaboration to complete the project.  Thus there is a demand to communicate effectively in the field of engineering. It is important to talk and listen to the other person (client or other employees) in order to ensure what they need or to listen to their problems and provide them with effective solutions. Great communication skills are needed to communicate with others, in meetings, in designing and implementing projects, and in problem-solving discussions. Engineers should be great at these skills as misunderstandings will lead you to a great problem.  A capable proficient engineer with great communication skills is a valuable asset for a company.
  • Leadership – Leadership skills are a need for modern world engineering.  This skill is often necessary for many types of engineering. Leadership skills add value to your work by helping and guiding others who work with you as a team.  Leadership is to motivate and encourage the team members to complete the project. They take initiative when major issues occur and look for solutions. Leadership skills add value to your personal development skills.  Being a leader you should be able to guide and help others.
  • Innovation – There is a demand for something new i.e. to make things better, stronger, technical, and environmentally friendly. Innovation is a key skill of an engineer. It is important to be innovative in your field to face new challenges and demands. New emerging technology is the new innovative face of the world. Being innovative leads you to be successful and constructive.
  • Teamwork skills – Teamwork is an essential skill to achieve success in completing projects. Engineers should learn this skill to develop a strong relationship with other teammates in order to process a smooth workflow. Working together as a team will allow every employee to learn from each other’s knowledge and experience, to encourage, and support to improve business productivity. Through this skill, you will understand and learn to work as a team with different people to achieve a common goal.
  • Resilience – Resilience is a process of successfully adapting the difficult and challenging environments and experiences. This is a key skill to handling pressure and managing it in the field of engineering.  The projects in this field can be challenging and hard sometimes which have to be completed within the timelines. These jobs can be demanding in many other ways, including long hours of continuous work in any situation and finding solutions within the time limit. You have to adapt yourself to handle these working conditions, as an engineer needs to learn the skills to be effective, flexible, and innovative at the same time. This is a skill to make you move forward regardless of any challenging situation.
Succeed As An Engineer
  1. Attention to Details – Being an engineer you should be a keen observer and précised in your job. Learning the skills to observe every detail in calculations, the material used in the projects, measurements, and many more is pivotal in the field of engineering. When working as an engineer, precision is very important i.e. you should have strong observation and have detailed attention to the work or double-check it for confirmation.
  2. Critical Thinking – It is essential to think critically to develop the sense of analyzing, and evaluating the situation. In engineering, the problem needs to be evaluated correctly before getting results. You need to learn to analyze, i.e. break down the case into different parts and think about the various ways to find the solutions and evaluate the results correctly. These skills help to lead your career to the top and steady.   
  3. Technically Updated – Technology is updating, and new technologies are introduced on a regular basis. Engineering is not a course to gain knowledge till graduation or post-graduation. It is a long way to gain knowledge and learn from experience in every stage of your career. Being updated with the latest news and technology is a vital skill set to make your career run a long way. Continuous learning in this field will add value to your grades of career. This is an important skill to learn as an engineer. Make sure you are always updated and learn new every time to be perfect in your work.

Recruiters always hire qualified and skilled aspirants for their organizations. You need to be skilled and trained to face challenges in the real field of engineering. Students get to learn skills in their course of education and job place also. But the beginning of this skill-learning journey begins with qualification duration. Only the best universities focus on both i.e. providing the best qualifications and provide training to develop your skills. We are here to share the best university which focuses on the growth of students during their course duration.

TOMS College of Engineering

TOMS College of Engineering was established 33 years ago and it is located in Mattakara in the Kottayam District of Kerala. This college is approved by AICTE, New Delhi. In TOMS college B. Tech courses are affiliated with APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) and the Diploma Courses are affiliated with the Directorate of Technical Education DTE), Government of Kerala. TOMS College is one of the best private engineering colleges in Kerala and offers B.Tech Engineering courses and Polytechnic Diploma Courses.  TOMS is an engineering college that offers traditional disciplines with the introduction of entrepreneurship education that is added to the university’s curriculum.  The college’s main objective is to ensure the best placements for the students. The faculties of the college are best in their subjects, experienced and highly qualified with the aim of shaping the skills of the students.

Thirunilam Educational Trust under the Visveswaraya Group runs TOMS College. The ranking of the college is 2nd position among private Engineering colleges and Ranks at 8th position among all the colleges in Kerala.  

B.Tech Engineering in TOMS

AICTE approved colleges in Kerala like TOMS provide the best Btech degree in various domains.TOMS offers B.Tech in an engineering degree program for 4 years duration. It is a full-time course with 60 intakes of seats in each specialization. The B.Tech Fees in Kerala college is Rs. 2, 00,000 /-. The college offers 5 specializations in B.Tech in engineering i.e.

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Admission Process

Admission to TOMS College is merit-based; the candidates can apply online as well as offline to get admission to the college. The following steps about the admission process as follows-

  • Candidates can collect the application form from the TOMS office by paying Rs. 500 as application fees.
  • Candidates can also send a demand draft (DD) of Rs 650 through post or courier favoring TOMS College of Engineering payable at Mattakara.
  • Candidates can download the form from the official website of the college –
  • A hard copy of the downloaded form and DD should be sent to the college.

Documents Required

  • Class 10th and class 12th mark sheet/ equivalent certificate.
  • Transfer certificate from the institution last studied
  • Course and conduct certificate from the last studied institution
  • Migration Certificate
  • Original certificate to prove reservation or mark relaxation claims
  • Eligibility certificate of class 12th
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs (colored)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates should have passed class 12th from a recognized board of education with a science stream/polytechnic Diploma
  • Candidates must score at least 45 % aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics / Biotechnology/ Computer Science/ Biology.
  • Candidates must be a minimum of 17 years of age.
  • 50% of seats are reserved as Government quota. The seats were allotted by the Commissioner of Entrance Examinations (CEE), Govt. of Kerala.


Polytechnic colleges in Kerala like TOMS Engineering College is best known for its placement drives and internship programs. The main aim of TOMS College is to provide high-quality education in engineering disciplines and to create a balance of academic, professional, and extracurricular programs in the atmosphere of college to upgrade the skills and knowledge of the students.

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